Rock crawling is an extreme form of off road driving using vehicles anywhere from stock to highly modified to overcome obstacles. In rock crawling, drivers drive highly modified four-wheel-drive vehicles such as trucks, Jeeps, and "buggies" over very harsh terrain. Driving locations include boulders, mountain foothills, rock piles, mountain trails, etc.

There are three categories of rock crawlers, each with there own special fun. This website is for all those that brave the rocks with massive tires, articulate lifts and other tricks.

Extreme Rock Crawlers - If you enjoy 4-wheeling and especially the outdoors, you need to see this whole new kind of motorsports events, extreme rock crawling. At a recent exteme rock crawlers event, over 15,000 spectators extreme driving for the carnage. It's one of the fastest growing motorsport in the USA!

There is growling and snapping on impossibly boulder strewn steep, sadistically unforgiving rock obstacles that snap axles, twist driveshafts, pop tires, and produce the unforgettable sound of rolling, crushing sheet metal.

The excitment of watching these glaitators challenge the laws of gravity gives an adrenaline rush to all that watch. If your looking for a new, exciting, daring sport, you owe it to yourself to check this out! It fun to watch!

Rock Crawler Hobbyist - For many of us the fun of using our Jeeps, Suzuki, International Scouts, Ford Broncos, Toyota Pick-ups and Toyota Land Cruiser for moderate rock crawling gives us all the thrill we could ask. Truck Parts Specialists has the driveline parts you need to convert your vehicle.

Weekend Warriors - For many of us the fun of a little off-road adventure is all we are seeking. Our goal is to modify our vehicle enough to have some off-road fun yet maintain the ability to use it on the street.

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Weekend Warriors Enjoying The Beach Doing "Micro Rocks Crawling"
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